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I just need to bitch. Call me fluffy or ignorant or deluded or stupid or whatever else, but I'm sorry, THERE WERE PAGANS AND WITCHES AT AND BEFORE THE TIME OF THE INQUISITION. I can't coherently support this, but my father can. And here, this a condensed version of a part of what I remember of the intro/forward to his self-published book, Hostile Witnesses...

Imagine, if you will, that Hitler had been successful. He killed, wiped out, utterly destroyed and eradicated the Jewish people (among others, but we'll focus on the Jews for this excercise, especially since they made up fully half of the Nazis victims). Not only did the Jews die, but their temples were dismantled, their holy Torah and Talmud smashed and burned. That's it, gone, no more Jews as far as anyone knows, to the Nazis' satisfaction. The Jews are GONE.

Centuries pass. The beliefs of Judaism are vilified, a stereotypical image is formed. People disbelieve that Jews ever really existed, they're just in stories.

A few brave people begin to publically state that they had these ancestors called Jews, or that this virtually unknown practice called Judaism has been passed down in secret for hundreds of years through family lines. Remember, for CENTURIES, the accepted public knowledge is that there are no real Jews, that they're monsters in fairy tales. So why in the world would anyone ever want to claim to be a Jew? Aren't they horrible people, if they even exist?

How do you think these people now claiming to be Jews would be received? What if they started telling the stories of how the Nazis rounded them up and killed them, just because they were Jews? Do they have a victim complex? Remember, history is written by the victors, so the Nazis must have been either heroes, or else times were just different then, so if they really did fight against the Jews there must have been a good reason for it, it must have been supported by public opinion, right?

Did Hitler and the Nazis invent these Jews from their paranoid imagination, or was the paranoia based on real people and skewed over-zealous convictions?

Now, replace "Jews" with "Pagans." Replace "Nazis" with "Inquisitors." Occam's Razor states that the simplest explanation is usually the correct one. So is it more likely that the early Church invented the "threat" of Witches out of NOTHING solely to scare people and acquire land and power, or that Witches really existed, but some over-zealous, self-righteous, bigoted, men with a fear of the unknown and a twisted interpretation of their prophet's teachings got paranoid, and used this paranoia and zealotry to gain said power and property along the way?

Read my father's essays. Write to him via the site and ask him for a copy of his book. See if any of the practices described by the Inquisitors sound familiar. Ask yourself if Gardner, Murray, and the other pioneers of modern Paganism would have had access to these rare Church documents in their time, and if they did, why they would base their "new religions" on these twisted depictions, twisted to serve the Church's purposes.

What is more likely?
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