Hexeengel Liebeslied (hexeengel) wrote in satya_rising,
Hexeengel Liebeslied

Norse Thinks

I need (a) Norse icon(s). and more icon space.

Anyway, this is a really basic run down of what I know/remember of Norse mythology...

World began with Jotuns, frost giants. One, Ymir, had a cow who licked the ice and conjured Odin and his brothers. They killed Ymir and created Midgard.

Odin - Aesir, All-Father, God-King, Warrior-Chief, shaman, sacred king, ravens, wolves, runes, Sleipnir, blood brothers with Loki, Thor's father, Frigga is wife (Freyja?), Valhalla.

Freyja - Vanir, love and beauty, cats, golden necklace, daughter Noss, has hall with half warriors, Valkyries, possible triple/multi aspected, witchcraft?, missing husband Od.

Nine worlds held together by Yggdrasil - Asgard, (Byfrost) Midgard (serpent), Jotunheim, Muspellheim, Niflheim, Vanaheim, Hel, Svartalfheim, Alfheim.

Ragnarok, Fenris eats Odin, Gods die Midgard laid to waste. Ash and Embla first new people, second age (current) began.
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