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Hexeengel Liebeslied [userpic]
by Hexeengel Liebeslied (hexeengel)
at July 8th, 2008 (12:42 pm)

Big post. Cuz I feel like it.

If you're not familiar with Within Temptation, give them a listen and a look-see, Within-Temptation.com. They're a Pagan rock band from the Netherlands, with a sound similar to Evanescence or Inkubus Sukkubus (a British Pagan Goth band that I also love).

Within Temptation lyrics: ''Mother Earth,'' ''The Howling,'' and ''Our Solemn Hour''Collapse )

And now a piece I wrote defending and explaining the "All Gods are one God" viewpoint. plan to put this up on my site evnetually.

All Gods... How Many?Collapse )

Hexeengel Liebeslied [userpic]
by Hexeengel Liebeslied (hexeengel)

On Sex and SexualityCollapse )

Hexeengel Liebeslied [userpic]
by Hexeengel Liebeslied (hexeengel)
at March 21st, 2008 (01:25 pm)

Realized I hadn't finished typing up the survey :P

Have you read any books that are or that you consider Craft-related? List them and tell what you learned from them.Collapse )

And for those who were curious after my mention of it...

''Paganesque'' song listCollapse )

Hexeengel Liebeslied [userpic]
by Hexeengel Liebeslied (hexeengel)
at November 14th, 2007 (01:07 pm)

What is magick? Name as many types of magick as you can.Collapse )

I didn't report last time on Peng'in's DDS. It went well, although H/he didn't speak. Peng'in had visions though, which is a step in direction the Goddess wanted (I got feelings of pride and approval beyond my own). I'm anxious for next Full Moon.

Hexeengel Liebeslied [userpic]
by Hexeengel Liebeslied (hexeengel)

What do you want to bring to the Craft?Collapse )

That sounded a lot like a resume :P Oh well.

My husband and I performed a Full Moon ritual last week. During the DDM, the Goddess challenged him to attempt a DDS during our Samhain rite this week. I can tell he's nervous (since he keeps calling it "homework" and is worried the Goddess will be angry with him if it isn't successful), but as She only challeneged him with the attempt, I believe he can meet this.

And some pretty big news - in the near future, I'll be having some talks with potential initiators, and barring any unforseen red-flags or catastrophic protests from my husband, a date will be set for my initiation into the Gardnerian Tradition of Wicca.

Hexeengel Liebeslied [userpic]
by Hexeengel Liebeslied (hexeengel)
at October 25th, 2007 (01:14 pm)

What do you want/expect from the Craft?Collapse )

Minor other note; Barn Owl recently told me his name is Prometheus. Some preliminary research using the materials I have at my disposal suggest this is very appropriate and in keeping with the Wiccan view of the Divine Masculine. Perhaps Barn Owl/Prometheus is more than a totem and animal spirit guide...

Hexeengel Liebeslied [userpic]
by Hexeengel Liebeslied (hexeengel)
at October 11th, 2007 (12:56 pm)

Some of you may remember that I mentioned I've been exploring other avenues for Gardnerian initiation since my split with my last teachers. Part of that exploration has been filling out a views survey to establish where I'm at in relation to where potential initiators would like me to be. As I get time and opportunity, I'll be posting the answers to that survey here, starting with, of course, the first question...

What is religion? What is its role in your life?Collapse )

Hexeengel Liebeslied [userpic]
by Hexeengel Liebeslied (hexeengel)
at July 31st, 2007 (01:14 pm)

These are the "major players" in my personal practices...

Aslan, the Great LionCollapse )

Prometheus, Barn OwlCollapse )

An Mhor RioghainCollapse )

BlodeuweddCollapse )

There has yet to be a Mother, aside from a great She-Bear, but I suspect a Name will be given in time. A Horned Lord has also come to me, and is certainly similar to Herne or Cernunnos, but has yet to reveal a specific Face or Name.

Hexeengel Liebeslied [userpic]
by Hexeengel Liebeslied (hexeengel)

Introductory Disclaimer
This is an outline of my specific beliefs, practices, and experience of Wicca. I am somewhat of an anomaly among Wiccans today, not only in that I am an Hereditary (my parents have followed Wicca for most of my life), but also that I’m striving to follow Traditional Gardnerian Wicca, as opposed to the more general/popular Eclectic path, sometimes called "Neo-Wicca." This piece is meant only as an explanation of my path, and I do not intend to speak for anyone else, regardless of their religious affiliation. I also want to make perfectly clear that the beliefs and practices described here are a result of my upbringing and my total of five years in pre-initiate training and rituals under various teachers. As of the time of this writing, I AM NOT AN INITIATE OF GARDNERIAN WICCA. It is true that I am seeking that honor, but it has not come to pass as of yet. If you're looking here hoping to gain oathbound knowledge, shame on you, and you're not going to find it.

Path OverviewCollapse )
Formation of GardnerianismCollapse )
EthicsCollapse )

The rest of this piece is divided into two parts, Beliefs and Applications.

Beliefs - View of DeityCollapse )
Beliefs - MagickCollapse )
Beliefs - Dying and the AfterlifeCollapse )
Applications - Holy Days and CelebrationsCollapse )
Applications - Role of ClergyCollapse )
Applications - Role of Initiates and Other ParticipantsCollapse )
Applications - Ritual ToolsCollapse )
Applications - Ritual: Purpose and Basic SequenceCollapse )

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